December 12, 2018

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Four Questions to be asked yourself before purchasing Car Warranty?

Do I drive daily? If you are driving daily for you work and the place is far from your house then definitely your vehicle condition will be degraded as it’s running five or six days a week and in severe conditions like harsh weather or in a hilly area. On the other hand, if you […]


Is it right to purchase the extended warranty on a used car?

If you buy a used car from any of the random dealers, it’s very obvious that you will receive a no-cost, limited warranty but this limited warranty is only for 60-90 days, not more than this and above all, there are chances of running out of the auto warranty too. And what will happen if […]


Five questions which car owners usually ask about car warranties!

You shop around and work hard mentally to get the best deal while purchasing your dream car. You decide everything and complete all the formalities of your vehicle, but wait did you give a single second to think about the auto warranty? If no then what if your car breaks down or faces any problem, […]